Olivia Wood

Uber Electric Vehicles

Print & online advert

I was briefed to concept and write a piece of creative showcasing our progress with our Clean Air Plan (in 2018 we added a 15p / mile charge to our rides – these funds go exclusively towards drivers switching to electric vehicles). The asset would be run as a print ad and online homepage takeover for the Evening Standard. The two main challenges to address were -

1. A lack of awareness that Uber has electric vehicles

2. The sensitivity around Uber also having majority non-electric vehicles

The asset

I wrote a headline that used our data to achieve two things – firstly, to leverage the authority of data to tell our story, and secondly, to illustrate the significant impact that our shift to electric is having on pollution in London. I chose to use trips as the data point rather than vehicles as it was more emotive, and relatable – we all know the impact of a single journey because we make them every day, but the impact of a single electric car is less self-evident.

The sub-headline here is also doing an important job reiterating our Clean Air commitment to be fully electric by 2025. This is a promise that we made in 2018, so it was important to resurface after having displayed the progress we've made towards that goal.

Finally, the movement in the story from headline to sub-headline is constructed to draw readers in – we get their attention with a large, interesting data point, and then we deliver our brand promise in the next breath.