Olivia Wood

Uber International Women’s Day

SMS, Social

For the last two years I’ve run a CRM campaign for International Women’s Day for Uber. The challenge I set myself when ideating for this campaign was to celebrate Women’s Day in a way that was relevant and unique to our brand, instead of posting a canned, corporate response to social.

The campaign

The concept I wrote was based on our user's experience of our product. They are picked up and driven through their city to a destination. So why not send them information about the places they travelled through, as they were en-route?

Leveraging English Heritage's blue plaques, I researched over 75 notable female figures and pinned them to a map. Then I wrote mini bios for each and plugged them into a campaign which SMS'd riders a snippet of female history about where they were in London.


The campaign was well received – we saw a flurry of delighted users tweeting and posting to their Instagram story about our biographies, and we were written up by several online magazines and accounts.