Olivia Wood

Uber JUMP e-bikes

Email, Social, Web, Promo, In-app

I led the Marketing launch of Uber’s JUMP electric bikes. This involved copywriting all of JUMP’s content – the performance media, the launch emails, the in-app copy, social, web, and on-bike messaging. See some of these pieces below.

Car Free Day

Once we'd launched I was responsible for writing (and running) all of JUMP's Marketing campaigns. For Car Free Day I ran a free ride campaign for social, in-app and email to get Londoners cycling.

Pride 2019

To celebrate Pride 2019 I wrapped our JUMP bikes in twelve different pride flags, each of which represented a different sexual or gender identity. To scale visibility of our Pride bikes, I also wrote and created a series of videos of the bikes to share over our social channels. The campaign was effective at engaging our users and spreading awareness of the range in LGBTQIA+ identities. We were deluged with user generated content as delighted riders posted pictures and videos of our bikes, and the campaign was even written up by Pink News and The Drum.

JUMP to the polls

For the UK General Election I ran another free ride campaign to increase mobility to polling stations. We put out messaging over social, in-app, and via CRM – see the rider email I wrote here.

Bike Week UK

During Bike Week UK our operations team noticed that new riders were leaving their bikes unlocked. To address this problem and encourage cycling, I wrote and executed a social campaign about trying a JUMP bike for bike week, baking in a secondary message: riding a JUMP bike is easy. You just scan, ride, and lock when you're done.

Influencer Campaign

One of my biggest challenges marketing JUMP bikes was rewriting the narrative that cycling was unsafe, or difficult. Our product helped – the electric boost meant it was easier to ride than a normal bike. I wanted people from the communities we were in to see influential people trying our bikes, and enjoying them, so I wrote and executed an influencer social campaign to showcase new cyclists having fun on JUMP bikes.


I ran a number of events while leading JUMP’s marketing. These were an excellent opportunity to get people to try an e-bike for the first time. I was always on hand to tweet or instagram shots and scenes from these events, so we could share our in-the-community presence. See a few below.