Olivia Wood

Uber Face Mask Policy

Email, In-app, Web, Social

In response to the COVID-19 crisis Uber implemented a range of safety features. I led on the implementation of our mandatory face covering policy. The safety of our drivers and riders depended on the cut through of this campaign, so we leveraged every owned channel we had, sending out messaging across email, in app, web, and social.

Rider email 

The rider email I wrote needed to convey a hierarchy of messages – firstly, that you must wear a mask in an Uber, secondly, that we've implemented new technology to verify that drivers wear masks, and thirdly, that face masks are easy to access, and you can even make one at home.

In app

I wrote an in app banner for this campaign to ensure that riders were presented with our new safety policy right before they ordered their ride.


I also wrote a webpage on our face covering policy, to contribute to SEO and to provide more detail for users, for example about exemptions to the policy.


Lastly, I wrote Twitter and Instagram posts about our new policy to ensure our channels reflected our most up to date safety offering. The strategy in this post was to create an emotional asset which spoke to why face masks were important, and to post functional information in the post copy.