Olivia Wood

Uber Medics

Social, Web, Email, In-app

During the COVID-19 crisis Uber saw an opportunity to make our platform available to healthcare workers needing to travel when public transport was limited. The result was Uber Medics – a discounted Uber product just for NHS and care home workers. I led on the Marketing launch, from copywriting all of our assets to developing the visual identity of this new product.


The positioning of this product was difficult. We had to land a number of messages succinctly – firstly, that this product was for healthcare workers, secondly, that it was discounted, and thirdly, that Uber was subsidising the discount and drivers were earning the same fares. The tagline 'subsidised rides' achieves both ii & iii together – communicating that they are cheaper, and also that Uber is footing the bill.


I wrote a rider and driver facing webpage for the launch of Uber Medics, which went into more detail about what the product was, how to get signed up, what safety measures we had implemented, and other useful information. I set up a vanity URL (uber.com/medics) so that we could link to this page from our social assets.